Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks for helping to stop the clock on species extinction

On behalf of Conservation International, I would like to personally
thank you for joining with thousands of others to help stop the clock
on extinction and tell government leaders to incorporate forestry into
national development plans. Your involvement couldn't come at a
more important moment in our struggle to reverse decades of
biodiversity decline and loss. Together, we have
the opportunity to educate and mobilize people across the globe
into conservation action.

As you know, every 20 minutes, a species becomes extinct as more than
1,200 acres of forest are destroyed. At the same time, over 180,000
tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Protecting and
restoring forests is a critical part of the global solution to climate
change and species extinction. We are taking this issue straight to
leaders from 189 countries at the international summit on climate
change in Bali, on December 13, and we will be bringing your
name with us.

As part of CI's conservation community, you are a key player in our
work. We hope that you'll use the online resources
at to help us build the alliances, encourage the
institutions, create the will, train the people, and deliver the
resources that will allow us to achieve conservation on an
unprecedented scale, for the good of our species, our climate, and our

Explore our new website!

Again, I want to thank you for adding your name and support to help
stop the clock on extinction. The active involvement of friends like
you is a cornerstone of our organization.


Vinnie Wishrad
Director, Online Community
Conservation International

2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202 Telephone: (703) 341-2400
Toll-free (within the US): 1(800) 406-2306

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