Sunday, June 8, 2008

Republicans out...

For the love of god (and the planet) can we vote the Republicans out?

Ok so straying into politics just for a littlew while. It seems important to note that however much McCain has spoken about climate change in the past he recieved a zero score from the leage of concervation voters and has been very quite on the topic thus far.

Obama on the other hand has indicated that Al Gore would be wellcome in his administration, and although that may not be likely, it shows just how big a shift we are talking about from the Bush administration.Obama's energy plan is here, it's a long way from perfect but atleast progressives are a core part of his constituency, lets see if we can improve this plant, and more than anything get the current bastard out and a brighter prospect in!And no, i dont think its at all odd that a Brit cares so much about the US president, in fact i wish the whole world had a vote, its quite a powerful job, and not limited to the US...

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